Senior Living Communities

Independent Living Communities, Senior Cooperative Living and Senior Apartments are the top three options are for seniors who are still independent and able to take care of themselves.  

Senior Living Community Costs

Estimated cost of Independent or Senior Living apartments will vary with your location, apartment size, number of residents occupying the apartment and recreational opportunities provided.  Cost can range from $1000 – $4,000 a month.

Senior Living Communities provide:

  • Various residential activities, trips, movies, card/board games, golf.
  • Full Kitchens.
  • Meal plans.
  • Gyms.
  • Social interactions with peers in group or common areas.
  • Independent living.
  • Salon and or barber services.
  • Transportation to appointments, shopping and church services.

Difference between Senior Living Communities and Assisted Living Facilities

  • Assisted Living and Independent/Senior Living Communities are similar in some ways yet the assisted Living facility is better suited to help those individuals who have greater physical needs.
  • Both provide prepared meals and planned activities.
  • Independent/Senior Living Communities are best suited for those who are able to fully function on their own with limited assistance.

Senior Living Communities Allow us to:

  • Continue our involvement in community activities or start new ones with new friends in our living communities.  
  • Social and emotional connections are vitally important to our continued mental and emotion well-being. In a Senior Living Community, you can take advantage of this interaction and connectedness.
  • Senior Living Communities allow us to remain independent without the responsibility of keeping up with and maintaining a home or yard.

When looking for Senior Living Communities:

  • You want to preserve your independence.  
  • You need to feel a connection to the community/facility.
  • You need to be around people who have had similar life experiences and enjoy similar activities.

Questions to ask when looking for a Senior Living Community

  • What amenities are available?  
  • Is there a pool, golf course(s), walking trails, tennis, community activities center, a common area?  
  • Is there a park’s or gym nearby?
  • Are there groups that I can join such as a Book club, Crafts/knitting sewing, Bridge, Pinnacle, Bowling, Bingo?
  • Group Travel opportunities?
  • Security?
  • Maintenance?
  • Fee’s (moving in/out) monthly/yearly?

Things to consider when looking at Senior Living Communities

  • Distance to family and friends.
  • Distance to the doctor, hospital.
  • Distance to pharmacies, stores.
  • Will the apartment be furnished or unfurnished?
  • Are cleaning services provided?
  • Is there maintenance support available?
  • Are pet’s allowed, is there a fee for my pet?