Adult Day Services

Adult day services, often called adult day care, can help to improve the quality of life for adults in need of continuous care and supervision. These services may also offer respite for family caregivers and assist with work scheduling and other obligations. Adult day services offer an alternative to nursing homes or home care services, while allowing family caregivers to continue to work.

Questions You May Have About Adult Day Services:

Who Can Benefit from Adult Day Services?

Adult day services can be particularly beneficial for seniors or disabled adults that live home alone and don’t receive much socialization. Adults that have cognitive impairments or mobility limitations that make continuous care and medical supervision necessary can also benefit from these services.

Family caregivers that provide the majority of care in their own home or in their loved one’s home may benefit from enrolling their loved one in adult day services. These services provide respite that can keep family caregivers from quitting a job and allow time for self care.

What are some Activities and Services Provided at Adult Day Care Facilities?

There is a wide range of activities and services provided at adult day care facilities which include:

  • Door-to-door service: Transporting care receivers to the facility from home and back.
  • Assistance with ADLs: Activities of daily living such as eating, grooming, and toileting is standard.
  • Medical care: Assistance with medication compliance may also be provided as needed.
  • Social activities and Therapeutic activities: Activities that will provide exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Special adult day services offerings: This may include beauty services, massage therapy, counseling, and art therapy.

Different facilities may offer different services needed by your loved ones and with different amenities being provided, it almost seems like they are in the comfort of their own homes.

What are the Costs of Adult Day Services?

Adult day services are often paid for in full or in part by families, with costs ranging from about $40 to $60 per day. If costs are too high, there may be non-Medicaid state assistance available. Medicaid and VA benefits may also help to cover costs, but Medicare will not. Documentation to prove assistance eligibility may need to be submitted before assistance will be provided.

What are some of the factors to consider when looking for an Adult Day Care?

There are many factors to consider when looking for a safe and secure Adult Day Care that would benefit the elders the most. Consider its location, it is better to choose a center that is near your house or someone close you know. In case of emergencies, you can reach the center as fast as possible. It is better to check the availability of doctors and nurses and whether it is near any hospital. The caregiver to client ratio should also be prioritized, although there are adults who are still able to perform their ADLs efficiently most of them still need assistance so it’s impossible for a caregiver to function optimally if he/she is taking care of more that what’s required.

What are the Operating Hours for Adult Day Services?

Facilities offering adult day services generally operate during normal business hours, five days per week. Some facilities may offer after-hours care or open for select hours on weekends. Before enrolling a loved one in adult day services, it’s important to make sure that hours will match up with needs.

Are there any Additional Family Support?

Adult day centers often offer support services for family caregivers. Support groups may be available at certain times each week and classes may teach caregivers to deal with dementia behaviors and other difficulties pertaining to caregiving. Individualized counseling may also be offered for family caregivers.