New York Nursing Homes: Assisted Living & Elderly Care in NY

In New York State, there are over 850 Nursing Care facilities.  These include assisted care facilities as well as nursing homes.  The occupancy rate at NYS facilities is at or just above 90%.

New York State Nursing Care Centers

Additionally, there are over 1500 Home Care providers in New York State.

New York Nursing Home Statistic:

Depending on where you live the size of assisted care/nursing home facilities can vary in the number of beds available and the incurred cost of the facility.

In NYS there are 121,259 thousand assisted care/nursing home beds in those 850 facilities.  Unfortunately, there are only 2448 beds currently available for those who may be looking for that type of care.  This number will vary from year to year and month to month.

Staff to patient ratio:

NYS requires Licensed staff to provide nursing and other related services 24 hours a day.  Those Licensed Staff RN’s, LPN’s, LVN’s will do shifts for 8hrs a day, 7 days a week for a 1-60 ratio.  The DON or Director of Nursing can be the charge nurse. The RN or LPN can be the charge nurse for each unit for each 8-hour shift, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

There is no minimum staffing requirement for Direct Care Staff, such as LPN’s,

LVN’s Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants(CNA’s) or PT’s.

Cost:  The average cost in New York State for an Assisted Living/Nursing Home Care is approximately $6,800 for a semi-private room and $7,700 for a private room.

Medicare/Medicaid Accepted for New York Nursing Homes:

Medicare Part A may include coverage at a SNF, skilled nursing facility, if the patient requires skilled medical care.

Nursing home care is generally referred to as custodial care and will not be covered by Medicare.

Medicaid payments once applied for will begin when the nursing home or assisted living patient has exhausted all other means of payment such as private funds and/or Long Term Health Insurance.  In other words, when the patient has no other means of payment Medicaid takes over in a Medicaid Certified nursing facility.

Top Nursing Homes in New York:

According to U.S. News and World Report there are 84 Top Rated Nursing Care Facilities in New York State.  These top-rated facilities are located throughout NYS.