What is Hospice Care?

  • What types of hospice care are there?

    There are two types of hospice care: in-home hospice and in-patient care. In-home hospice is planned by the patient’s family, the patient, and medical personnel. Care is given in the patient’s home, which can be comforting to everyone.

    In-patient care is provided in a hospital, nursing home, or hospice location. This type of care is usually sought when the patient’s medical needs are more serious.

  • What services are offered with hospice care?

    Hospice care offers a variety of services, including: scheduled visits from nurses, home health care aides to help with personal and medical care, nutritional support, pain management, oxygen and other medical equipment and supplies, and grief counseling for family members.

  • What is the cost of hospice care?

    Hospice care on average costs about $150 per day and is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, veterans’ benefits, or private funds (such as donations and grants from your community).

Hospice concentrates on providing end of life care. Hospice considers the quality of life to be as important as the quantity of years of a life.  It not only provides care and support for the dying it provides support for the family as well.

Hospice strives to lessen the pain and distress by providing emotional, medical, therapeutic and even spiritual support to the patient and their loved ones during a physically and emotionally trying time.  Hospice workers provide comfort and support to those dealing with end of life situations.  Hospice offers support and expertise in helping the family plan and deal with all of the pending issues associated with the end of life.  Hospice allows the patient to preserve a level of comfort for as long as possible.

What Types of Hospice Care Are There?

There are two types of care offered:

  • In-Home Hospice is planned by members of the family, the patient and medical personnel involved with the family. It is care that is given in the patient’s home which can add comfort and security at a devastating time for everyone.
  • In-patient care is provided in a hospital, nursing home or hospice location. This care is usually sought when there are more medical issues that need to be addressed than can be addressed in the patient’s home setting.

What Services can you expect to receive with Hospice care?

Hospice services are holistic in nature and therefore call on a number of support professions generally consisting of:

  • Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and social workers
  • Clergy
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Family members

Services offered can be:

  • Scheduled visits from nurses, home health aides to help with personal care and medical needs
  • Nutritional support if needed
  • Pain management
  • Oxygen and other medical equipment needs and supplies
  • Grief counseling for the family members

Hospice offers around the clock support along with helping the family feel more comfortable providing care for their loved one.  In providing these services, Hospice allows the patient and family a respite from the enormous responsibilities that they are facing.

What are the costs of Hospice?

The average cost of Hospice care is $150 per day.

Hospice costs are routinely covered by:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private insurances
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Private funds such as donations and grants from your community

There may be a small ($5 or less) charge for daily medications.  Hospice will work with those individuals who do not have insurance to provide Hospice care free of charge.

If you are eligible for VA benefits you will need to contact the VA administration in your area to work with them in paying for Hospice care.

Private insurance agency will need to be contacted when setting up Hospice care.

Your private physician can fill out forms that will state that you or your loved has a terminal illness and you one have only a few months (generally six months) to live.  This can provide assistance in paying for Hospice care.

Hospice will provide invaluable assistance in helping you figuring out all of the payment options and which ones that will work best for you.