Nursing Home Costs

  • What does in-home care cost?

    Although the costs can vary by location and by year, the national average cost of in-home senior care in 2017 was $21 per hour.

    In-home senior care givers typically visit a few times a week to perform such services as grooming, home chores, cooking, transportation, and more.

    The cost doesn’t include housing costs, groceries, medical care, or utilities, all of which are paid separately.

  • How much do assisted living communities and nursing homes cost?

    Assisted living communities cost, on average, $3,750 per month in 2017. The price may vary depending on the location and the degree of medical care required, however.

    The price does include the cost of the apartment, utilities, other housing costs, basic health services, and may even include social and recreational activities. Nursing homes offer 24-hour supervision and access to high-quality medical care and so cost more than assisted living.

    The average cost in 2017 of a shared room in a nursing home was $6,810 per month. This price covers all daily needs, housing costs, medical care, and social and recreational activities.

  • How much does a retirement community cost?

    Most retirement communities are paid for with a one-time entry fee, followed by minimal monthly payments.

    The entry fees can usually range from $60,000 to $300,000 with monthly fees from $500 to $3,000.

    These costs cover all needs and expenses while allowing seniors to live in a home-like environment with familiar people.

Senior living costs of care vary greatly based on location, type of residence, and the degree of care needed. When searching for senior care, loved ones are often shocked at the cost of assisted living and skilled nursing facilities and feel that costs would be lower if the senior loved one stayed in the home. However, the services provided and the costs that are covered vary between types of senior living.

In-Home Senior Care Costs

The national average for non-medical in-home senior care in 2017 is $21 per hour. Professional care givers assist with home chores, grooming, transportation, cooking, and other tasks as needed in the home. Home caregivers usually visit a few times per week for a few hours.

While home care may seem less expensive than other types of care, it’ important to remember that housing costs, utilities, groceries, and medical care aren’t included. As seniors age or conditions deteriorate, home care may become more costly and less effective in maintaining quality of life.

Adult Day Services Costs

Adult day services cost about $72 per day on average, but may be about 10 percent more expensive if medical care is needed. Adult day services provide social interaction and assistance with ADLs while allowing family members to work and attend to other obligations. As with home care services, however, it should be noted that other regular expenses are not covered when adult day services are selected.

Assisted Living Communities Costs

An apartment in an assisted living community costs $3,750 per month on average, as of 2017. Costs may be less or more depending on the specific community chosen and the degree of care required. For this price, all expenses are covered. Housing costs, utilities, basic health services, and even social and recreational activities may be included.

Skilled Nursing Facilities Costs

Also called nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities cost about $227 per day or $6,810 per month for a shared room. Skilled nursing facilities provide residents with 24 hour supervision and access to high quality medical care. All daily needs are covered and social and recreational activities are offered.

Retirement Communities Costs

Retirement communities generally charge a one-time fee and monthly maintenance fees. These may vary greatly from community to community, ranging from about $60,000 to $120,000 for the entrance fee and $500 to $3,000 per month. These communities offer seniors a home-like setting with familiar people and generally cover all needs and expenses.

Cost is a big consideration when choosing senior care. Look into different communities and types of senior care in your area to get a price range based on your specific needs.